👑 VIP System

Users will be categorized into VIP1 to VIP3 based on the amount of SOUL token they own, and each table gets a different drop rate for rare materials required for crafting items. This is a sort of staking system but it rewards users with a higher drop rate for rare materials instead of providing tokens by how long they have deposited the coins.

The benefits per VIP level are as follows, and the values are subject to change in the future:

Specialized VIP Card System

Maximization of the benefits obtained by staking SOUL tokens

Classification of convenience and benefits according to VIP level

Inducing active user participation and preventing ecosystem inflation

The VIP card system operates on a seasonal basis. Users can acquire NFT VIP cards by staking SOUL tokens. VIP cards allow users to gain in-game buffs and increase mining perks. VIP cards can be lent to other users, which can earn rewards.

At the end of the staking period, users return the NFT and swap with the SOUL as much as the number of tokens purchased.

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