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Global IP game SOULSAVER is reborn as P2E. SOUL SAVER: IDLE SAVERS is an idle RPG genre that offers low-fatigue farming, mining, and strategic combat fun with various classes and skill combinations.

For your convenience, we have prepared a SOUL SAVER guide.

β–£ Introduction

  • Soul Saver is a mobile idle game with a side-scrolling gameplay. It’s a game based on a blockbuster IP that was first released in Korea ten years ago!

  • Materials other than blue diamonds can be used in the game and are mainly used to increase shop or stats.

  • Mining yields event tickets, which can be exchanged for NFT coins. This item serves a variety of important functions in Soul Saver.

β–£ Stage

  • On the stage, you will have a PVE battle with monsters.

  • As the stage goes up, the monsters’ level, attack power, physical strength, and defense power increase.

  • If you want to defeat a powerful monster, check your stats, equipment, and skills in town.

  • The higher the stage, the better the reward you get for defeating monsters.

  • Battles are turn-based. You can acquire a skill gauge at the end of your turn.

  • A boss appears at the end of the stage. They are much stronger than normal monsters, so be careful!

β–£ Skill

  • Skills range from dealing massive damage to temporarily increasing stats.

  • In battle, you can use up to 4 [R] grade skills, 5 [SR] grade skills, and 6 [SSR] grade skills.

  • New skills can be purchased from merchants in town.

  • You can level up for each skill, and the damage and effect increase as the level increases.

  • A skill with a high grade can only be used when the character level is also high.

  • Skills with high damage or excellent effects require a large skill gauge during battle.

β–£ Characters

  • There are a total of 8 jobs, each with its own set of weapons.

  • At first, you can switch characters, but you can not switch back before β€˜Rebirth’ after clearing the stage.

  • Each class has its own unique weapons, costume, and skills.

  • Each job has three grades: R, SR, and SSR.

  • You can find the character swich button in the lower left corner of town.

  • If you cannot find character swich button, please check it out after Rebirth.

β–£ Equipment

  • You can only purchase equipment from the shop.

  • Equipment is divided into weapons and costume.

  • The classes of equipment are C, B, A, S, and SS.

  • Each equipment can be enhanced, and the enhanced stats are applied when the equipment is equipped.

  • Equipment can be worn according to the level.

  • Even if you acquire high-end equipment, you cannot use it if the level is low.

  • Combine is possible if you obtain a certain number of identical items from the shop.

  • You can obtain one piece of equipment of the next grade by β€˜Combining’.

β–£ Mine

  • You can get event tickets by mining.

  • Depending on the NFT character grade, the mining amount differs, but the mining time is the same.

  • Locked slots can be unlocked through Blue Diamond, Red Diamond, or NFT purchase depending on the slot.

  • Depending on the NFT character grade, the mining amount differs, but the mining time is the same.

  • The character currently in use cannot be mined.

  • If you click [Mine All] button, the highest grade character is automatically placed.

  • The amount of mining is different for each character’s grade, and if you use up all the mining amount, you must charge it.

  • The mining gauge for each NFT character grade is SSR=1200, SR=500, R=100.

  • Event tickets can be obtained with a very low probability, up to 1,200,000.

  • The cost to recharge the used gauge is as follows. SSR: 540 Red Diamonds / 360 Blue Diamonds SR: 150 Red Diamonds / 100 Blue Diamonds R: 45 Red Diamonds / 30 Blue Diamonds

β–£ Shop

  • You can use blue diamonds in the shop to acquire weapons, costume, skill.

  • All store items have different summon rates for each grade.

  • 1 point is accumulated for each weapon and costume you pick up, and if you accumulate 10000 points, you will acquire A ~ SS grade equipment with certainty.

β–£ Stats

  • Abilities can be increased with gold.

  • The higher the stat, the more gold is required.

  • The increased stats can be checked immediately in the corresponding menu.

  • Increased attack power deals more damage to monsters.

  • Defense reduces the amount of damage taken when you are attacked by monsters.

  • HP helps you to endure more when attacked by monsters.

β–£ Rebirth

  • Rebirth is possible from stage 20 or higher.

  • In case of Rebirth, you will be rewarded according to the progress of the stage.

  • In case of Rebirth, your level and all equipment will remain the same, but your stage progress, retained gold, and stat enhancements will all be reset.

β–£ Nether World

  • Every day at 1:00 AM (UTC+0) the boss and prize rules are set randomly.

  • 3 out of 8 powerful boss monsters that use skillappear randomly.

  • Nether World Entrance Ticket are recharged 3 times a week, and if you use up all Nether World Entrance Ticket , you can use Blue Diamond to enter additional entries.

  • At the start of the boss battle, select a card to get a random buff for yourself and apply a random debuff to the boss.

  • Each boss has a weak point weapon, and when attacking with a weak point weapon, you can deal 10% more damage.

  • The battle proceeds with the boss for a limited turn, and ends when the character is defeated or there are no limited turns left.

  • The total damage done in that battle is reflected in your ranking score.

  • Daily prizes and ranking rewards will be sent sequentially at 1:00 am (UTC+0) by mail.

Thank you.

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