📢 Introduction

An official whitepaper of SOULSAVER. Latest Update: Jan 31, 2023

🧐 Project Overview

SOULSAVER is inspired by an online game called Ghost Online. SOULSAVER is a blockchain-based idle strategic simulation RPG(Role-Playing Game), and it has a P2E(Play to Earn) game ecosystem built with NFT.
SOULSAVER Project team developed SOULSAVER by combining idle strategic simulation genre to the base of the IP of previously serviced Ghost Online. Even from the developmental stage, the team set strategic entertaining elements, such as minimizing user fatigue, character advancement & enhancement, item farming, diversification of (competitive) combat with other uses, etc. as the top priority.
SOUL Token(SOUL) is a major payment method on NFT Marketplace, and it is an important parameter for forming governance and DAO.
The SOULSAVER project team is planning to provide the developed own wallet service to increase the accessibility and convenience of the users. SOULSAVER supports its own wallet service for the users to negate the trouble and inconvenience that would require the users to link the external wallet service to SOULSAVER NFT Marketplace. However, this is planned to launch to keep up the pace with the changes in the virtual assets market, such as the Travel Rule.
SOULSAVER project has its ultimate goal of servicing popular P2E games that anyone, regardless of gender or age, can easily and conveniently enjoy by vitalizing the blockchain technology and NFT-based SOULSAVER Ecosystem. Based on blockchain, the team wishes to establish an ecosystem that is transparent and manipulation-free for game results without the loss of the game data (securing security and stability), healthy that issues characters and items as NFT to preserve the value and support to raise the value.

🎯 Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Optimizing the fun aspect is a top priority ⚡
Everyone can enjoy it easily and comfortably ⚡
Preserves and monetizes value⚡


As a platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, Polygon provides the infrastructure for multi-chain system to grow faster.
SOULSAVER introduced the polygon network to provide the unique fun of Web3 games through the interoperability of various projects.